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Welcome to Real Money Tri Card Poker – or as some know it as, 3-Card Poker, where we have collected all of the information you need to wager and win at one of the world’s newest casino card games.

Here, we offer you insights gained from regular players, gambling professionals, dealers, and researchers of this fascinating table game. No other website presents Tri Card Poker in greater detail.

Top Casinos for Tri-Card Poker

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You are about to learn that there is a lot more to successful play than simply choosing to continue after the Ante has been made. Spend some time going through the many Tri Card Poker topics we have gathered, and you are sure to discover some gems of knowledge that you can take straight to the bank.

Tri Card Poker Basics

We start off with an exploration of the surprising History of Tri Card Poker, and how it came to casino pit areas as recently as the 1990s. Many mistakenly believe it is a form of Stud Poker played with fewer cards, but we will show you how nothing could be further from the truth. It turns out that Tri Card Poker is hardly related to Poker at all, with roots much more closely connected to an even older British pastime called “Bragg.”

To help those who are new to Tri Card Poker understand its idiosyncrasies, including the unique ranking of hands, we’ve provided step by step guidelines in the form of How to Play Tri Card Poker and Tri Card Poker Rules. Use these in conjunction with the sections entitled Tri Card Poker Glossary and Tri Card Poker Table Layout to get on the fast track to playing this newcomer on casino floors.

Those who want to truly master the basics of Tri Card Poker will want to examine the section on Tri Card Poker Odds. We go into the numbers that show how the Pair Plus wager is really the best bet at the table—hardly a side bet at all—and how some slight
changes in the payout schedule for Ante Bonuses can make a huge difference in the House edge. You will come away from this reading with a clear understanding of what tables to seek out and which ones to avoid.

Getting to the Next Tri Card Poker Level

Armed with statistical knowledge of Tri Card Poker play, it is possible to begin developing some Tri Card Poker Strategies that really work. We’ll show you how it is not a matter of guesswork, when to fold and when to make the Play wager. And you will also see why it is not a good bet to “bluff,” hoping the Banker hand will fail to qualify. There is an optimum way to play, and we’ve got it right here.

Once you have mastered the basics and know the right playing strategy, check out our section on Winning at Tri Card Poker. From choosing a table to when to abandon a hand, we give you advice that has proven itself in action. You will quickly see why combining bets can be a big mistake, and how favoring Pair Plus may be the quickest way to big rewards.

And speaking of rewards, don’t miss our discussion of Tri Card Poker Money Management, with specific information on creating and maintaining a bankroll as well as managing chips during play. Beyond generalities, we provide concrete examples of how much to wager and when to stop. The numbers are uncomplicated and they do not lie. You can win if you play with your head and not above it.

Rounding out our detailed look at this fast-growing game is a summary of Tri Card Poker variations and a look at Tri Card Poker etiquette. Our goal is to prepare you for any eventuality at the table, to give you the tools you need to win, and to help steer you clear of the pitfalls caused by modifications casinos have made in the basic game.

Those who read through this excellent collection of Tri Card Poker wisdom will surely encounter a variety of bankable insights. So let the profiting begin. Let Real Money take your Tri Card Poker play to the next level today.

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